Gorgeous and Beautiful Looking Wedding

Kevin and Monica’s wedding | Venue at Shangri-La Jakarta | Decoration by Lavender Decoration | Dress by Soko Wiyanto | Accessories by Rinaldy Yunardi | MUA: Donny Liem | Organised by Private Wedding Organizer | Entertainment by Blue Ice Music | MC: Allan Steven and Lily Iswandy | Photo by Cappio Photography | Video by Wimo Production | Usher by Sanggar Opi | Souvenir by Red Ribbon Gift | Lighting by Lightworks

Lavender Decoration made these beautiful and unique wedding decoration for our special bride and bridegroom: Kevin and Monica, their wedding was held at Shangri-La Jakarta... continue reading

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Love In The Air

Calvin and Liestyani’s wedding reception | Venue at Segarra Jakarta | Decoration by Nefi Décor | Organised by Cocktails Organizer | Video by Venema Pictures | Photographer by Moreno Photography | Cake by Sourfelly Custom Cakery | Dress by Yogie Pratama | MUA: Hendry Than | White skirt by Loft 20 | Headpiece by Rinaldy Yunardi | Shoes by Cava Prive and Sophia Webster | Suit by Agus Lim | Lighting by Lightworks

Nefi Decora made the dream wedding of Calvin and Liestyani became true by making this gorgeous wedding decoration. A simple yet luxurious wedding stage which.. continue reading

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Inspirational Wedding

Wedding of Ifan and Nasya | Venue at Hotel Mulia | Decoration by Lavender Decoration | Organised by IDnCo WO | Photography by David Salim Photography | Crown by Rinaldy Yunardi | Gown by Sebastian Sposa | Invitation by Peonny Wedding Invitation | Souvenir by Joel Art Souvenir | Lighting by Lightworks

Lavender Decoration made such a gorgeous wedding decoration for Ifan and Nasya’s wedding reception. The gate is full of hanging ornaments and below the wedding.. continue reading

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Great Flowery Wedding

Enrico and Irma’s wedding reception | Venue at Shangri-La Jakarta | Decoration by Arie Décor | Oganised by Irene IWP | Photo and video by Axioo | Gown by Hian Tjen | Crown by Rinaldy Yunardi | MC: Daddo Parus | Music by All Star Music Entertainment | Make up by Priscilla Myrna | Tux by Agus Lim | Usher by Sanggar Opi | Photobooth by Moments To Go | Wedding car by Priority Rent Car | Invitation by Million Yellow | Lighting by Lightworks

Arie Décor made a gorgeous wedding decoration for Enrico and Irma’s wedding reception, with making a beautiful mixture of white accessories with flowery ornaments, it’s.. continue reading

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Blessings of Happiness

Nick and Helen’s wedding reception | Venue at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta | Decoration by Lotus Decoration | Organised by Infinity Wedding Planner | Gown by Yefta Gunawan | Brooch by Rinaldy A. Yunardi | Make up by Adele Make Up | Wedding cake by Ivoire Cake | MC by Ary Kirana and Rian Ibram | Entertainment by Voyage Entertainment | Photography by Iluminen | Videography by Ditho Sitompel and Fostive Visual | Lighting coordinator by Danang Condrokusumo Triasa | Lighting designer by Rifyalka | Lighting by Lightworks

Our greatest gift is to be the witness of this gorgeous wedding of Nick and Helen that was designed by Lotus Design. The gate was.. continue reading

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Heavenly Flower Wedding

Shaun and Melissa’s wedding reception | Decoration by Steve Decor | Organised by Excellent Organizer | Dress by Adrian  Gan | Mother’s dress by Yefta Gunawan | Tux by Adamist Men | MUA by Anpasuha | Hairdo by Woko S | Custom belt and headpiece by Rinaldy Yunardi | MC by Becky Tumewu and Patty Tumewu | Entertainment by Wawan Yap Entertainment | Cake by LeNovelle Cake | Photo and video by Indra, Nomina Photography | Souvenir by Rosewood Boxes & Hampers, Clementines | Invitation by Blue Label | Photobooth by Lolphotobooth.co | Catering by Narayas Kitchen | Lighting by Lightworks

It was just like in heaven! With lots of flowers and colorful accessories made by Steve Decor for special day of Shaun and Melissa. The.. continue reading

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Chateau Fleur 2016 Haute Couture by Hian Tjen

Chateau Fleur Haute Couture 2016 by Hian Then | Venue at Raffles Hotel, Jakarta | Make Up and Hair Do by Donny Liem and Andreas Zhu | Accessories by Rinaldy Yunardi | Shoes by Rina Thang | Table Setting and Decoration by Lotus Design | Fashion Video and Photography by Moreno Photography | Guest Relation by Flair WO | PR Support by Studio One | Organized by Djafar S. | Choreography by Ari Tulang | Sound by Soundworks | Lighting by Lightworks

The solo fashion show by Hian Tjen complete with decoration of abandoned castle then stranded long table setting just exactly like in France, held at.. continue reading

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