Meet Me In The Air

The wedding of Nikko and Fania | Venue at Sampoerna Strategic Square | Decoration by Grasida Decor | Organised by Kreativ Things | Gown by Fetty Rusli | MUA by Adi Adrian | Catering by Akasya Catering & Co. | Cake by LeNovelle Cake | Entertainment by Kana Entertainment | Florist by Lily Florist & Decoration and Grasida Decor | Photobooth by Moments To Go | Invitation by Honey Cards | Souvenier by Red Ribbon Gift | Lighting designer by Epafras Septian | Lighting coordinator by Meyliana Tan | Lighting by Lightworks

Grasida Decor had made such a beautiful blue themed wedding decoration for Nikko and Fania, look at those adorable accessories and ornaments such as air.. continue reading

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Love Never Fades

Hendra and Luciana’s 50th Anniversary | Organised by Flair WO | Venue at Sun City Restaurant | Decoration by Lotus Design | Make up by Susy Turino | MC by Tanto Iswandy | Entertainment by All Star Music Entertainment | Photography by Merwin Photography | Videography by Chronos Production | Cake by LeNovelle Cake and Miyominaki | Souvenir by Red Ribbon Gift | Usher by Sanggar Opi | Lighting by Lightworks Jakarta

Every second of our time with the loved ones are priceless. We could captured every moment that we’re going through together with them in our.. continue reading

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