Great Flowery Wedding

Enrico and Irma’s wedding reception | Venue at Shangri-La Jakarta | Decoration by Arie Décor | Oganised by Irene IWP | Photo and video by Axioo | Gown by Hian Tjen | Crown by Rinaldy Yunardi | MC: Daddo Parus | Music by All Star Music Entertainment | Make up by Priscilla Myrna | Tux by Agus Lim | Usher by Sanggar Opi | Photobooth by Moments To Go | Wedding car by Priority Rent Car | Invitation by Million Yellow | Lighting by Lightworks

Arie Décor made a gorgeous wedding decoration for Enrico and Irma’s wedding reception, with making a beautiful mixture of white accessories with flowery ornaments, it’s.. continue reading

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Beautiful Wedding Of Alvet and Helen

The wedding of Alvet and Helen | Venue at The Ritz-Carlton Pasific Place, Jakarta | Decoration by Lotus Design | Organised by Irene IWP | Gown by BIYAN | Accessories by Rinaldy A. Yunardi | Suit by Agus Lim | Make up by Priscilla Myrna | Entertainment by All Star Music Entertainment | Photography and videography by David Salim Photography | Wedding Cake by LeNovelle Cake, Miyominaki | MC by Indra Herlambang, Ivy Batuta, Edu Napitupulu | Lighting by Lightworks

Your eyes cannot deceive you because it is real. It is a beautiful wedding of Alvet and Helen. Lotus Design had decorated the wedding with.. continue reading

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Love At The First Laughter

Antonius and Aldyes wedding reception | Venue at The Ritz-Carlton Pasific Place | Decoration by Lotus Design | Organised by Flair Wedding Organizer, Shellia Regina, Frantze Lim, and Irene Cynthia | Wedding gown by Monica Ivena | Priscilla Myrna | Rinaldy A. Yunardi | Photography and videography by Axioo, Ivan Mario, and Valentino Garry | Lighting by Lightworks Jakarta

Love is not the falling of heart at the first sight, but the falling of our soul from the very first laughter. Love is not.. continue reading

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Remarkable Wedding

Daniel and Erisca’s wedding reception | Venue at Hotel Mulia Jakarta | Organised by MKE Wedding Organizer | Decoration by Lotus Design | Photo and Video by Axioo | Wedding gown by Yefta Gunawan | Make up by Priscilla Myrna | Accesories by Rinaldy A. Yunardi | Entertainment by All Star Music Entertainment | Special perfomance by Ruth Sahanaya | MC by Becky Tumewu and Dave Hendrik | Wedding cake by LeNovelle Cake | Lighting by Lightworks Jakarta

Remarkable was the description of Daniel and Erisca’s wedding reception. The decoration by Lotus Design was very impressive and really describe what is called “Gorgeous”.. continue reading

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Classic European Wedding

Indra and Karen’s Wedding Reception | Venue at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place | Entertainment by Blue Ice Music | Master of Ceremony by Didi Christophe and Lily Iswandy | Sound by Soundworks | Photo by David Salim Photography | Gown by Yefta Gunawan | Make Up by Priscilla Myrna | Cake by LeNovelle Cake | Decoration by Lavender Decoration | Lighting by Lightworks

Classic European village house as the background for Indra and Karen’s wedding stage created by Lavender Decoration absolutely stunning. Wrapping with blue ambiance from Lightworks.. continue reading

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