Indonesian Diaspora Network: 4th Congress of Indonesian Diasporas

Indonesian Diaspora Network 4th Congress of Indonesian Diasporas | Venue at The Kasablanka | Speakers and performer by Anggun, Maudy Ayunda, Ridwan Kamil, Barack Obama, Reza Rahadian, Tommy Tjokro, Helmi Johannes, Rosiana Silalahi, Hamdan Hamedan, Said Zaidansyah, Charles A. Taylor, Ira Damayanti, Meutya Hafid | Sound system by Soundworks | Lighting coordinator by Steffi Indrajana | Lighting designer by Rifyalka and Natan Budiman | Lighting by Lightworks

Our nation is our home. Wherever we go, wherever we wanted to be, we carry our love for Indonesia and all the beautiful things inside.. continue reading

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